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    Ever dreamt of flying the skies, calling the world your home, traveling to far-off places, and experiencing new cultures? A job as a cabin crew member will let you experience this and more.

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Available courses

Are you excited yet? Let's explore a little bit into what the requirements are to become a flight attendant. 

Don't worry if you don't fulfill all of them, we delve into detail on how to achieve them.

Airlines can be very fussy about how you present yourself. Here we learn how to take the perfect picture for your application and how to dress for your interview.

Get your social media accounts ready, airlines are very brand sensitive and in this course we show you how to clean up your social media accounts and present the image you want the airline to see.

In this course we look at what experience you need to have to make sure that your application is successful.

Are you looking to start flying in your home country? or do you want to Travel the world. In this course we look at all the different airlines and how to figure out which will give you what you want.

Your CV is one of the most crucial things in your application to become a flight attendant.

In this course, we help you in detail how to build the perfect cv that will get through all the noise and make you stand out.

We guide you here step by step to apply to your chosen airline.

Got the interview? Here we go through everything you need to make sure you pass your interview with flying colors

In this section, we have collated all the most common interview questions along with the answers the recruiters expect.

Practice your answers here

Get the low down on everything you need to prepare for your new job, especially if you're moving to a new city.

These are some examples of common airplanes used by the airline industry

In this course we cover basic aviation concepts, this type of information is taught in most cabin crew courses to familiarise cabin crew with the airplanes they operate on.